Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Doesn't Care

I've been working on two different posts for today and tomorrow, but those will have to wait.

Today, I'm dedicating my blog to my friend's beautiful mother, who lost her long, courageous battle, with breast cancer. Words cannot express how sorry I am for her family, who I know will miss her greatly. She was full of laughter, and fun, sharing her wonderful smile, and wit, with everyone around her. She wasn't nearly old enough to pass from this world, but...

Breast Cancer doesn't discriminate against age, race, or even gender.

Breast Cancer doesn't care that you have the most amazing personality.

Breast Cancer doesn't care that you are loved by everyone you come into contact with.

Breast Cancer doesn't care that you're a mother, father, daughter, son.

Breast Cancer doesn't care that you have a whole life to live.

Breast Cancer doesn't care that the person it's taking out of this world, could have been the one who would have made all the difference in it. 

Breast Cancer doesn't care that you work out daily, or eat the healthiest foods.

Breast Cancer doesn't want to be found.

Breast Cancer will hide in places you may not know to look... under your arms, or almost as high as your collar bones. 

Breast Cancer can be caught in time... if you look for it.

Breast Cancer can be stopped, but it can also come back.

Breast Cancer cannot claim the final victory.

A person's life story lasts forever.

A loved one will always be loved.

A family will always remember.

I remember my friend's mother being this vibrant, friendly, outgoing, woman. She was sweet, and kind, and wonderful. Near the end, my friend posted many pictures of her mom. She was still laughing, still smiling, still showing off her personality, even though she had no hair, and looked so frail in the hospital bed. Her eyes though.. her life energy shown through her eyes. Breast Cancer be damned for taking such a beautiful woman away from a her amazing family and friends. 


Aeria said...

this hits hard tonight. I'm so sorry to hear of this sweet woman taken before her time.

I shaved off what remained of my mom's hair tonight (carefully because she has sores all over that won't heal). Cancer is a real bitch. My mom is fighting like the brave and faithful woman that she is. Cancer will never have the last word.

Beautiful post. My prayers and thoughts go out to her family.

Rob-bear said...

Oh dear! Another death of a beautiful woman to an ugly disease.

Blessings and Bear hugs to her family, and those living with cancer.

Anita said...

My condolence to you, your friend, and all who new and loved her.

(I've procrastinated, but will be making my mammogram appointment today. Thank you.)