Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012... see the trend?

I'll try to be more creative with my post titles, but I'm totally not feeling it. It's the wine spritzers. I suppose you could say I'm self-medicating those mini panic attacks away. Seriously though, someone has to finish off the Sangria... it cannot go to waste. That should tell you something though... meaning I'm not finishing a bottle a night!

Today was spent doing a LOT of driving around. We drove to Keller to take a friend of mine my old bike. She just had a weight loss surgery, and is now recovering, exercising, and loving life, as usual. After that we drove to Fort Worth to get the kids, then back to get the girl to her driving class, then home, then to pick up the girl... whew! Because of all of this, nothing was really accomplished.

Now we're sitting here watching The Bachelor (not my choice), and I'm disgusted over the tears these women are shedding. Not because they're crying, but WHY they're crying. They have to know most of them won't be chosen, and it's not for any reason except that he just doesn't have time to really talk to each one in depth. The rejected ones cry over their dismissal, talking about how unattractive they are. That's what disgusts me... first of all, they are all physically beautiful. Personally we will never know WHO they are inside, only their friends and family will know that, but I hate that they seem to be basing their whole view of themselves on this first and only meeting. He just connected more with the others. Bleh...

I've also been looking up online Masters programs. Here are my choices thus far... Education and Early Childhood, Education and Special Education, or A Masters of Science in Human Movement with a focus on Sports Conditioning or Corrective Exercise. I'm not kidding with this last one and I'm not entirely sure what I could do with it, but it sounds fun. Those are my online choices, but I still have the Masters in Occupational Therapy... this one is the closest to my heart as far as what I can do with it, but only if I can have my business, plus this one is also not offered online, meaning long hours away from home, when I need to be here. Ahhhh, decisions, decisions... anyone have any ideas? The fun one? Hmmmm...

Tomorrow, my little boy is getting snipped. Not the human one, but the furry canine one. I'm nervous for him... these babies don't know why we do these things to them. It's terrible, but it needs to be done. I've been reassured it will help his personality issues, making him a better behaved animal.

It's kind of funny... I watch him and I see a resemblance to some of the more difficult children I've taught, who have eventually ended up medicated for ADD/ ADHD. So I suppose fixing him, is helping him calm down... right? The thing is, I don't agree that children should be medicated for ADD/ADHD.  Not most of them anyway... don't even try to argue with me. It's my passion you know. I've helped many a child through a school year without medication.

This is different, I know... my baby will feel better after he heals.

Ahhh... time to wrap it up. Tomorrow will be an early day!

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