Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well, I was trying anyway...

It's Sunday, and I usually don't like to do a lot on Sunday. I know I'm a house-wife, and home all the time... I mean, I don't work right? WRONG! I do work around here, so I try to schedule myself as if I'm working. I do my actual jobs during the week. You know... laundry, real cleaning (not just picking up), cooking, etc, etc. Like everyone else, I take weekends (and evenings) off to relax, watch television, and do fun things!

Friday, we took the kids to their high school basketball game, went to dinner, then met our friends for drinks afterward. I love them... they live here in STH (small-town Hell), their kids go to the same school as ours, and they're wonderful. They make the small town not so bad!

Last night we went to a place called Top Golf. I love this place. It's kind of set up like bowling, but it's golf/restaurant/bar combined at a driving range. You have a bay area with a table and comfy chairs, a great menu to order from, and a waitress. You take turns hitting the ball, and can aim for any of the holes you want. Obviously the further the hole, and the closer to it you get , the more points you score. Your points are logged on a screen like in bowling. The balls are computerized, and sometimes your ball won't make it in a hole which means no points for you... other times it may make it in later, if someone else's ball knocks it in... that's pretty awesome if you're losing! It's a lot of fun, and the food is delicious! Not to mention the drinks...

Today we went to see the movie I've been so excited about "One For The Money." I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series... and this movie was based off of the first book.  It was way better than I expected, and I would love, love love, a TV series to be made out of these books!

Anyway... we did all of these things, and now the boy is moping around, and slamming doors because he's bored. Really?!? He has an itch to go spend his money and is mad at me because I won't take him anywhere. It's after 6! I swear, nothing is ever good enough for these kids at times.

I had to sneak out of the house earlier to run to the store too... remember, I don't like doing a lot on Sundays, but we still need to eat dinner. So I thought, I would run to the store and grab a rotisserie chicken... easy meal, and somewhat healthy too.

Well, the girl wants to drive us everywhere, but I'm off today, and that means, I don't want to deal with that either. At least not right then I didn't want to... I just needed a quick, quiet, non-stressed drive. So, I waited until I heard her clomping around upstairs. Then I tiptoed into the living room, gathered the dogs, and gave them to the wife. This was so I could make a quick get away. They would have gone nuts as soon as I walked out the door. After making sure the dogs were in with the wife, I quickly (but silently) crept by the stairs, and out the door. I jumped in the car as fast as I could, ohhhhh, but wait!!!... I had to get back out, and look under all of the seats for a "snake check." You see, I've had to have the windows down in my car because of the latte accident. I blogged about that a few weeks ago. I realized how smelly my car was, took it in for a carpet cleaning, drove it for another week, and had to take it back in for a second carpet cleaning, telling them to make sure they get way under the seat because that latte went ALL over... it was literally dripping down the outside of my door as I walked back to the car that day with stuff to clean the mess, and another latte for the wife. Anyway, I digress... I left the windows down hoping that would also help the smelly situation. So I did the snake check, oh and don't laugh! We've found snakes in our house before, and have seen huge ones on our walks to the restaurant. It wouldn't be pretty if one were to wrap its way around my leg while I was driving. You want to talk about ape-sh*t, screaming, shooting the Hell out of the car... yeah, there would be no recovery for the snake or the car. Back to the story: I climbed back in the car, started it, realized I had the radio blasting old school Eminem because that's what I had worked out to earlier "Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside.." yep, that scared me. I turned it down, put the car in reverse, then realized I needed to open the garage door (that would have been ugly too!), opened it... then off I went. NOT as incognito as I would have liked, but it was the quickest trip to the store yet.

So, my weekend comes to a close... I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and I can't wait to see what everyone posts this coming week!


Kelli Hale said...

They made a Stephanie Plumb movie?! OMG!! That just made my day. I'll have to crawl out from under my rock, and check it out. lol

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, hope your week is just as awesome. :)

Rob-bear said...

You're not much of an escape artist. And if you're not much of an escape artist, well, I wouldn't want you for any super-quiet jobs.

That said, you're keeping a family fed, and organized. While not particularly quiet jobs, they are important jobs. Gold star this week for you!

But what is going on in the picture of the upside-down beer bottles?

Just Two Chicks said...

Those drinks are called Coronitas... it's a margarita mixed with Corona beer. It's has an interesting flavor... I suppose the beer takes a bit of the acidic taste from the margarita. As you drink the margarita, the beer slowly empties into it. My friend just poured hers right in after the picture. I couldn't finish mine. My stomach is wimpy! Neat idea though, and we're going to try it this summer when the weather is warmer out!