Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seriously people...


The girl had her last drive time tonight, thank the Lord. Um, no worries people, she will not be on the road any time soon. She still scares me. I'm just thankful we no longer have to drive to that horrible mall, and sit in parking lots for two hours, or go into Target to keep ourselves busy.

Tonight's Target visit actually went by quickly, because guess what?! My ex was there. HOW does this happen? We were no where near home, her's or ours, and we have a Target and a Super Target near both of our homes! The distance from this mall to our home is the reason we would sit around in parking lots, rather than drop her, and go back home. So, you see what I'm getting at? How?

I saw her car when the wife and I were walking in, and said, "Oh my God, how funny that we're both here." This is a "Super" Target, meaning, it's big. As it turns out, It didn't matter how big it was... the wife and I were ducking behind racks as soon as we walked in the door. Had it just been the ex, the need to duck and run, wouldn't have been so strong, but her g/f was with her, and apparently she does NOT like me. I've never even met the woman, but okay, whatever. My ex doesn't seem to care for the wife either, even though she hasn't really met her. Oh, and let's not forget we are all well into our 40s. SO any of you out there who happen to be in your 20's and going through this... it doesn't go away.

We had one very close call of them seeing us at the end of the shopping trip. I had just left the exercise aisle and the wife was coming from where ever she was.... We intersected at the end of the aisle, looked up the other direction, and they were headed right for us. We literally did a U-turn, and headed to the front of the store to check out, me looking back the whole way, and the wife whispering "You don't look back!!" "You have to keep going and act nonchalant!!"

Now I don't know about you, but I get the feeling, two, over forty-year-old women, darting from aisle to aisle, and ducking behind racks, cannot pass off the appearance of "nonchalant."

Oh, and when you inadvertently call the wrong number and the person tells you "Sorry, you have the wrong number," do you ask "Well, who's this?" No, you don't do that, because if the person is telling you wrong number, and you don't know who it is, then oh my, the number must be wrong. What I should have told this guy was "Dude, you're a dude, and dudes, don't call my phone... WRONG freakin' number." What I said was "Well, it doesn't matter who this is, you have the wrong number." :::click:::  I can be such a goody-goody dork at times.

People... don't make me get my big gun. 

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