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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Did you know?


I'm feeling rather ignorant, but perhaps I shouldn't. I mean, it's not exactly our fault our education is/was censored. I'm not saying this censorship stems from some grand scheme. No, there are a multitude of reasons for censorship. The first reason is that whoever is teaching you, is teaching from their own background, with their personal beliefs ingrained in every lesson. I call this censorship because what they choose to leave out of a lesson, is in fact, based on their opinion of the importance of the information. The second reason for censorship... age appropriate material. Even in college. The third reason for censorship goes along with the first, in that there is SO much to teach, that you must pick and choose the facts. Oh, and the facts you're taught will be the ones you will be tested on when taking standardized tests... in other words, the Government decides what is important enough to know, and what is not.

Luckily the information is out there, and the internet world is more than willing to provide you data on whatever it is you enter in the search bar.

This is all simply background information... what I wanted to talk about is this...


Creationism and The Marriage Debate. I love what this guy is doing, because he's using intelligence to fight an ignorant belief. A belief that's being used to withhold basic human rights from other human beings. HUMAN BEINGS... that's what we are. We are living, breathing, thinking, feeling, humans who deserve to live and love in happiness, without shame, and judgement. How can this happen? How would it feel for you to have your husband/wife have to wait for the public to vote on whether or not you have the right to get married? How would it feel for you, to have the Pope declare your relationship "a threat to the future of humanity?" I look at my family, and I'm not going to lie or be "humble," when I compare my family to that of others. HOW screwed up can some people be anyway??? How is my wonderful family a threat to humanity, when there are some really "f***ed up people out there, doing horrible things to their kids and families? This was supposed to be in a different post, that I've already put together, and it will be. So....

Stepping off of my soapbox now:

To sum it up, he's gathering facts on the history of marriage, and the reasons behind the sacred union from the beginning of time. He's doing this to prove there is no reason to protect the so called sanctity of marriage when the original reason behind it held no religious importance. I wish him luck in this endeavor, but as long as it's left up to public vote... as long as people, who have no power, are given the most honored power of deciding another's rights... we will remain less than human, with substandard rights.

The next thing I read about that I didn't know existed (at least not the exact term), was this:



I can't say I didn't know it existed. I knew about ethnic cleansing. A horrible thing that only happens in other countries, right? "Eugenics was the bio-social movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population." This definition comes straight from the wikipedia article above. I had to google this term because I read this article on CNN:


Apparently Eugenics was practiced here in the United States (it was also practiced in other countries, most notably Nazi Germany) between 1929 and 1974. People were being sterilized for mental illness, criminal behavior, and in North Carolina, women and young children were sterilized if they were poor and uneducated. This was a Government program. Now I know why conspiracy theories exist. People have a great reason to believe in them.

We're taught history for many reasons, and one of those is to keep certain historic events a part of a history we wish not to repeat. Yet, the same horrible events happen again, and again... they just have a different face.

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