Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Ramblings #1

It's really not that early on a Sunday morning, but I'm so completely wiped, that I feel like it's 5 am. Not to mention I still have the curtains pulled closed, blocking out a majority of the sunlight.

It's not 5am, it's 10:30. I should have the curtains open, the dogs should have already been taken out three times, and I should have made the Starbucks run. At least I've got my coffee made. I'm actually considering having another cup (having my second cup now... and it's 11 am). Everyone else in the house is still asleep, but thanks to my boy Cam...

I'm awake. He's into everything, the girls are sleeping, and the bird is thankfully quiet. Probably because I have the curtains closed. If the bird was awake, Cam would be barking at the cage, and I would be throwing our training chain/bags at him, yelling "bah." It should be "bahhhhh," but today it would be half-a**ed.

Callie doesn't feel she gets nearly enough face-time or mention in my blog, so here is a picture of my girl Callie May
This baby is the hardest to keep groomed... she hates being brushed, and always has brown tears, no matter what we feed her, or clean her with. She's a sweet girl, whose lights are not always on. 

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, political... (there are so many articles, but too little time, so I picked the most popular of the week among my friends)


My thoughts on abortion: If a woman/child is raped she should have a choice. If a woman's life is at stake, she should have a choice. Abortion as birth control should not be a choice, but then we would really need to put more money into our welfare and pregnancy prevention programs. I'm not talking abstinence... lets be realistic, not mighty and pious.


Really? I've felt bullied since figuring myself out many moons ago. I feel bullied every time I turn on the TV, or read a news article.


This says it all...


I don't even know what political party this guy is with, but I would really worry about his sanity and the fact that he is in a position of power. WOW!!!

Can I just tell you, the upcoming elections are not something I look forward to. At this point, I'm just ready for the Republicans to choose a candidate, and be done with it. Oh, did you know I wasn't Republican? I know I hold some conservative views, but I hold some very liberal views as well. I consider myself a great balance between good and evil. You can pick the side you choose to be evil. I don't care either way. All I'm saying is when I hear of the antics from Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney, I want to gag. Overall, I want what's best for the country. We need to pull our sh*t together, and get serious about what's going to make or break us, and I'll point out the obvious... gay issues are not tearing our country down. Lets talk about our budget deficit, corporate corruption, international relationships? Let's look at welfare reform one more time. Let's look at a national lottery, in which the profits go to helping balance the nations budget. I mean, WHY not? People from all walks of life play lotteries, because we all dream of hitting it big. So why not create something like this? Can you imagine the monies earned? Although, the money would have to be used for the designated purpose. The Texas Lottery was supposed to help education, but that's all gone to Hell in a hand basket, even though the revenue from the lottery reaches over 1 billion. Crazy money, huh? 

Anyway, I look at these three men, and personally, I think Romney is the lesser of the evils. If he focuses on the country's problems, and not the "personal" preferences/morals/religious beliefs/desires of the constituents, he could make some positive changes. Why can't these people have the balls to say "Hey Right Wing, I know you don't like gay people! Hey gay people, I know you want to get married. Hey black people, I know you guys aren't the only ones on welfare (Santorum and Gingrich have both singled out black people as the main welfare recipients), Hey Occupy, I know you have a number of demands that I'm working on, hey rich people, I know you pay taxes, though others find that hard to believe, but why not let me focus on the country as a whole." Let's ALL focus on making the country stronger, because if we keep going the way we are... divided on the issues that make us free, we will no longer be as free as we are right now at this moment. I don't know, makes sense to me, but who am I to say. I sit here in my small-town bubble surrounded by people I never see, self medicating against mini panic attacks. 

OH, remember I said no one knows about my panic attacks? Well, when the wife read about this, the very first time I posted it ( I think before Christmas), she went ape-sh*t. She stormed around the house, saying she has to find out all kinds of things from my blogs, and that if I don't blog, she doesn't know anything, and that I should go blog THAT right now.... about her rant, I mean. Although, I don't think she really cares to know most of it, because she's way behind on reading this stuff. Boy, I'll really hear it for typing that. Hey, it keeps life exciting for me! 

My other reading includes:

This one I've finished reading, and I loved it. I love books full of facts. Nerdy, I know.

This one will take while to read because it's huge. So far I've learned how birth control pills came to exist, that cats were not always house pets, and how they were able to reach that status, and where the term "keeping up with the Joneses came from."

This was an article in readers digest that I follow religiously. I'm always looking for different ways to energize.

GREAT book. I mainly use it for the meals I make at home, but I know a lot of people use it for when they eat out. If I'm eating out, I'm going to eat what I crave. 

I love this book, although I realized one of my paradigm shifts was two-fold. I saw a guy buying flowers for a loved one at the store. At first I thought "Awww, how sweet!" Then I thought, he could be buying them because he was a big jerk and is begging forgiveness, or he's having an affair and buying them for a mistress. I know,  leave it to me to turn it around like that!!

I've been working on this, which you could consider a good thing, but in reality, my vocabulary is wonderful. You may not know it from my blogs, but it's true. What I'm avoiding is the math portion. The very thing that keeps me from taking this test. :o/

 Okay... I believe I will wrap this up as it is now 12:20, the wife woke up, opened the curtains, I need to make us some food, do a bit of cleaning, then I get to go see my movie "One for the Money!!" I love the books, and like I said in my FB status, I know the movie won't be intellectually stimulating or anything, but if it makes me laugh, I'm a happy camper! What they need to do is make these books into a TV series rather than a movie!!

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