Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little bit of everything!!

Wine spritzers with a friend and the wife, grocery store stalked (which would flatter me if I didn't look at every guy and think "psycho!" Too many crime shows on TV, I guess, so please men, don't take it personally), driven around in the rain by a 17 year girl who thinks she knows everything, probably is developing an eating disorder (NOT kidding), and is once again showing signs of bipolar disorder (Diva, I'll be emailing you about this). I'm not sure exactly how that works, but she was fine for awhile, and now she's not again. SO, more wine spritzers for me. I should probably stop self medicating, and go beg my doctor for Xanax... the tiniest dose is fine... just for when I feel the mini-panic attacks coming on. I call them mini, because no one around me knows how I feel... just me. Bleh! Wine... where's my wine? I bought more at the store while being stalked. 

Now that I've got my wine, and the rain is pouring down outside, I'm going to post some questions/answers I found on The Bipolar Diva's blog. I've never done this on my blog before! 
Hopefully you won't be bored to tears. 

How I named my blog
My blog actually started out as "The Lesbian Housewife" but never made it to the living blog world with that name. I was too scared people would be turned off by the "L" word. I know, right?!?! Then I decided to call it, Life Perfected. It did make it to the living blog world with that name, but do you know how many blogs there are with that name? There was also a book called that or something. So finally, I sat down, and combined the word "chicks" until I came up with something I couldn't find on Google. I wanted to be different, ya' know? 
What my least favorite exercise is.
Sadly, my least favorite exercise is cardio. It could be because I get up in the mornings, wake the kids, and climb on the elliptical before I can even open my eyes. The heat is on in the house, one of my little dogs is continually trying to kill himself by crawling under me, and I'm tirrrrred!!! Yep... it's cardio as long as I'm stuck indoors. Get me out running, and it's a different story!  

What would my last meal be if I were on death row?
Yeah, I probably wouldn't feel like eating anything. 
11 Random Questions

1. What's your most embarrassing moment?
    I was a teen, and my friends and I were out toilet papering people's
    houses. We were drinking and laughing so hard during one of the
    "jobs," really having a great time. My friend Johhny was running
    through the yard on one side, I was running on the other, and 
    we collided head first, and fell over... still laughing. EVERYONE was 
    laughing. There was that, and then the time I broke my arm at a
    high school lake party, and had to have my best friend drive me to   
    the hospital where my mother was working.

2. Why do you live in your current city?
    The wife and I were looking for a home on the water, she decided to
    retire early, and we wanted a good school for the kids (even though
    we ended up putting them back in private). So, here we are in small
    town Hell... seriously. The wife has actually met some normal people
    while playing tennis. I have not managed to do this because the only
    two places I frequent is the store and Starbucks. I do love my
    Starbucks people though!  
3. Did you/Will you have sex on your wedding night?
    Awww, We haven't had a real wedding night yet, BUT you can bet
    there will be sex when it happens. Lesbian bed death is NOT allowed.
    That's when two women get together and stop having sex after about
    6 months, if they're lucky. Nope, I didn't sign up for a sister (the wife
    will roll her eyes at this).  

4. What is one household appliance you can't live without? 
    Um, there are several. I won't name them all, because well, that will
    make me look old and boring. 
5. It's your birthday dinner and you can order whatever you
    want.What is it? 
    I LOVE sushi, and since we don't have a place here in Hell, I consider
    it a major treat when the wife takes me there. Oh, and I love
    chocolate sheet cake with that really sugary icing that has nuts in it.
    You know what I'm talking about?
6. Have you ever enjoyed a Captain and Diet Coke?
    Nope... Have you ever had a chocolate candy apple martini? Oh MY!  
    So freakin' good!
7. I should give up ______but I just can't do it yet.
    I suppose I should give up my wine spritzers, but right now, I don't
    want to. I told the wife earlier, that I like this whole having a drink 
    whenever I feel like it. While I realize this makes me sound like a 
    drunk, no worries! I'm still in the clear as far as that goes... I'll let
    you know when I reach the every day, all day, by myself phase.
    Since I'm trying to be all healthy and stuff, that won't happen...
8. Approximately how many pairs of shoes do you own?
    Not as many as Diva, and probably none like hers either... well, I
    have 2 pairs like some she may have, but the rest are cute jean
    shoes,two pairs of cute cowgirl boots, AND tons of athletic shoes. I'm
    addicted to those. Nerdy I know. I'll never be a Dominatrix in 
    athletic shoes. Did you know that at one time, that was listed as
    one of the top paying jobs? I was so all about it until I saw the 
9. Have you ever sucked a toe?
    Yep, as a kid. Then my grandmother told me I would get a disease
    which I worried about for years to come. I think she may be
    responsible for my OCD. 

10. Do you have a secret talent?
      I am a car singing/shower singing American Idol star, and I can 
      touch the tip of my nose, and the bottom of my chin with my 
11. Are you really answering these silly questions?
      I was! Loved it... 

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The Bipolar Diva said...

"Lesbian bed death," made me choke on the garlic bread I'm nibbling on at the moment!
I LOVE my Starbucks people too! It's usually the highlight of my day.
Email me any time with questions about the girl. I'll answer the best I can.....oh, and go get some xanax!