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Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jaw Dropping Moments

Note to all: I will not mention Fb in each post... just recently. Sorry, I'll work on it!

Okay... I'm trying to set up a Facebook page so I can add the link here on my Blogger account. I think it would be fun, and I promise I won't stalk you guys in that crazy stalker kind of way. I don't do that.... I just like to read all the stuff. I know a lot of blogger friends have FB pages, and I've found a lot of blogs through my FB too, by umm, stalking of course ;). I was very excited about one in particular, because her FB posts always make me laugh out loud (literally). Then I started following her blog, and all it is, is promotions and give-aways. Nothing funny to read. I was disappointed. I love entertainment. I still follow her FB stuff though.

Anyway, the problem I'm having with setting up a FB account for my blog is that I need to do one totally separate from my personal one, not because I don't want you guys seeing my personal stuff, but because I don't want some of the people on my FB account seeing my blog. Only because I want to be able to write freely, and I can't if I think some of these crazies (a totally affectionate word) are reading it! I mean, I'm sure they would read some of my posts, and think "Umm, that's me!" Not good at times, because people really give me some jaw-dropping moments. I love them, but they would get all kinds of offended that I was turning their jaw-dropping moments into blog posts. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves. I laugh all the time at my jaw-dropping moments.

Now for some jaw dropping moments (not from FB):

The Bachelor... I know this show is set up totally for the drama of it all. I know I'm a lesbian, and that this shouldn't have really made my jaw drop, but it did. The wife and girl love to watch this show. The boy and I sit in the same room, with our computers in our lap, giving the occasional glance up. Well, the other night was the first Bachelor show of the season... you know, the one where all the women are trying to make a great first impression. When you have a room full of women, you will have drama, and it started right away. One woman, a blogger of all things, was there simply because another woman was there for the wrong reasons ( I'm not even going to bring up the irony of that statement). The one she was basically "stalking" in a crazy way, was sitting next to another woman, and started coming on to her. YES, my jaw dropped. I don't even know why, except that maybe I was surprised at her brazen spirit. I mean, these women were there for MAN, and here she is, all over another woman she didn't even know. God, I'm getting old, though even if I were younger, I would never have done that. Mainly due to the fear the other woman would run from the room screaming. Ouch to the ego on that one, and my ego doesn't need ouchies (made up word I know!). The thing with being a lesbian is, once people find out, you can get one of four reactions... acceptance being the best one. Then you have disgust, which really hurts. Fear that you want them, which is silly in itself... just because I love a woman, does not mean I'm checking out every woman who comes into my life. The biggest, most prominent reaction is this... they are curious... they start to "like" you, they want to "kiss" you... oh boy, it goes on and on. This is one of the reasons I think the legalization of marriage would be a good thing (another post coming). Maybe people would take our relationships seriously? I cannot give you a lesbian experience... I'm in a committed relationship, but I CAN take you to the lesbian bar, where I'm sure there will be someone around who would love to "play!" Seriously... I get it though. I totally get it.

The next jaw dropping moment came from a good friend's blog post. I don't think she reads my blog, but I don't know, so I can't blog about the moment. Maybe I should just email you guys this one, because I'm wondering if perhaps my reaction to her post was silly. I don't know... would love opinions, but maybe I can address it in another post, without offending her, because I do love her. She's a wonderful person... I was just flabbergasted.

Jaw-drop number three was a few days ago... maybe not a jaw-drop, but a moment of ditzy thinking on my part? I saw on FB that my dog from a very distant past, had gotten hurt. I text... "What happened to Zoey?" The ex texted me back saying she hurt her paw, not sure when or how, but they had to remove it at the base." I'm freaking out!! "OMGeee, how horrible! How did you not know how?" She tells me they were out of town, but had a sitter, and the sitter didn't notice it... it's fine, it was just a few hours before we got home. I saw it and took her to the vet. "What!! How could she NOT notice!! Poor little baby. You need to have me sit for the dogs when you leave. I'm very close, you know this!!!" She tells me to calm down, it's fine, and it will grow back.  I sat there looking blank, I'm sure. "WHAT!!! How does it grow back? What, is it just the bottom of her foot? The pads? The whole paw? How?" She says "huh?" Then she LOL's me..." Nooooo, one of her claws... they removed the base, too, but it will all grow back fine." "Man, I was wondering why you were reacting that way!! LOL"  Whew! Oh, a little side note here: Just so you don't think I have exes all over the place, this would be the same Super Target ex... I swear I did not "get around" in my past. ;)

The last jaw-dropping moment actually happened when we lived in Dallas. I remembered it when reading another friend's blog post ( Beyond the Diapers and Spills) about panhandlers. My comment to her was that I do give money to some of the people on the corners, but never to the ones who come up to the car while you're inside, entering, or exiting it. Mainly because I feel they're invading my personal safety space... it's scary when someone walks up to you from behind, and asks for money. It is... So this moment came from one of those moments (we had many in Dallas). The wife and I were either going somewhere or coming back, but we needed to stop for gas. As we pulled in, I saw a woman standing near the pumps, but headed toward an elderly woman who had gotten out of her car. I told the wife "She's asking for money." The wife gets out, runs the card, and starts to pump the gas. Sure enough, the woman leaves the elderly woman, after waiting for her to pull money from her wallet, and walks over to the wife. "Do you have change to spare? We're short on gas, and my daughter is pregnant. We just need to get to Weatherford." The wife thinks the woman looks totally strung out on drugs, and can see the daughter standing near a car in the distance. Big girl, pregnant or no? Who knows. The wife, being the sweet little woman she is :::ahem:::, says "I don't have cash (which is totally true, we rarely have cash), BUT, we would be happy to drive you to Weatherford." JAW-DROP... Weatherford is nowhere near Dallas... what a drive that would have been. The woman's jaw dropped as well. She turned down the offer... right after, the guy who works in the station came out and ran her off. Apparently she's been working that area for months. Same story. The wife said she had an "oh sh*t" moment, that her wondering what to do next, had the woman taken her up on the offer. Crazy woman! The wife, not the panhandler.

Anyway... I have many more, but if you're like me, your attention span is already shot. I apologize if things seem jumbled, make no sense, or are hard to read. I've been struggling these past two days. The ache, along with my complete brain fuzz, is taking it's toll. So, here is what I'm thinking... I'm going to give it a few days, see if this brain fuzz clears. I can't think clearly, or pull up words for what I'm trying to talk about, remember certain things, without really working on it... My whole body, chest, and back hurt, along with a headache. I'm going to get rest these next few days (even though the wife's mom is coming and we're going to gamble tonight), and see if that helps. I also told the wife I wanted her to call the gas company out on Monday. The last time we had a gas leak, I felt like this, and was an emotional wreck due to the confusion and feeling so bad. I cried in the doctor's office. I don't cry easily. I'm hoping it's not a leak, and just lack of rest. This house, as beautiful as it is, has been haunting us with problems. I will tell you though, that last night, the girl had a performance at the high school basketball game, and my mind cleared after we had been out awhile. So, who knows!!

The girl... she's way too skinny, right!?!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, weekend!! SAFE people!! I want to come back and read many more posts :)


The Bipolar Diva said...

People say stupid things all the time, most of time without thinking it through. Don't know if this was the case or not, but I've found people get all tongue tied. One reason very few people know I'm bi. People don;t know hoe to handle it, especially my aunts which you think would be cool with it since my cousin and nephew are gay. People irritate me, but I have to remember their ignorance affects their "opinions." Love you!

Rob-bear said...

Some wild, weird, and wonderful experiences. Life is like that.

Blessings and Bear hugs for 2012.

P.S.: If you wanted to come to Canada and get married (it's legal up here), let me know. I've done a number of weddings for same-gendered couples.

Anita said...

You always manage to educate and entertain me. :)

The wife must be a nice and caring person. So she was really serious when she asked the pandhanler if she could drive them, huh? Hmmm...

Thanks for the shout out of my blog. :)

And last, 2 of my 3 daughters have the same cute, long, skinny legs and a bodies that look like a strong wind would take them away. Hey, but they're healthy as can be. I'm sure the girl is okay too. She's out there shakin' those pom pom, right? :)