Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today has a name, and it isn't Thursday...

It's Chaos!! Yep... it started right away too. Let me start by saying, we have basically created our own chaos here in this house. It's usually a chaos I can deal with gracefully. Well, somewhat so anyway. I mean, how graceful can one be when yelling "bahhhhh" in a growly tone, and throwing a bean-bag with a chain? Seriously, my throat hurts. I think this could damage my vocal chords. Oh, ouch... and I think I pulled a muscle from the continued throwing of the chain-bag. A little cheese with that "whine?"

This morning, I literally dragged my butt out of bed, and out the door with the dogs. Oh MY HELL, it was cold!! The temps dropped dramatically overnight, which you would think would put some pep in my step. It sure did give the dogs some get-up-and-go. They were running nuts, as I stumbled to the coffee pot, the pantry for their potty treat, then up to wake the kids. Back down I came, poured a cup of coffee, and settled in to check my emails, and read... NPR, CNN, and USA Today... now that my bubble has been popped, I'm reading the news again. Much to the wife's dismay. She liked my bubble, because I couldn't rant about the state of the world, since I had no idea what was happening.

The other day I let loose on the way home after hearing Newt Gingrich did or said something stupid as far as gay people, gay marriage, blah blah blah. "They are going to end up putting us in a concentration camp!! They WILL, you just wait...!! Or, or send us down the Gay Trail of Tears... have us live on Gay reservations." Now granted I had gone off the deep end, but I did read a book in which this happened, so I am not the first person to feel this could happen. Remember my blog yesterday about learning from history and not repeating it? Anyway, the wife replies calmly after this rant "Honey, what happened to the bubble... the bubble is a goooood thing....uh huh. Let's not talk about a gay holocaust okay????"

So yeah, my bubble... anyway, I wasn't able to burst the bubble this morning, because the dogs were freakin'  nuts. I'm "bahhhh-ing," and throwing the beanbag-chain (training suggested by the doggie therapist), and whining to myself "I just want to sit, SIT!!" Before I knew it, the boy was downstairs, which is my sign it's time to get dressed, and go.

I went to Starbucks after dropping the kids, almost forgot our drinks because I was talking to the woman behind the counter, got out to the car, and spilled the wife's latte ALL over. ::sigh:: I went back in, ordered another latte (because there would be hell to pay if I went home without it), bought two rolls of paper towels, and some gloves (remember it was cold out and the drink was cold too). As I was walking back out to the car, I could see the latte dripping out from under the door. ::sigh:: I am literally sighing by the way.

When I got home, I immediately heard the dogs barking from their room. I love them but ugh... I sat in the car, read emails, listened to music, and looked at Facebook. I hate that they bark in their room like that, because I know the neighbors hear them. Their piano room is right by our house, and she's always practicing for church (which I was shocked to learn, because I figured someone who cursed at their kids on a regular basis didn't go to church). I finally gave in, but I just wasn't up for dealing with those furry beasts today. I took them out, in the freezing wind, and rather than getting their business done, they ran crazy all over the yard. Luckily I was more stubborn than I was cold. NO ONE was going in until they had done something productive. Brrrrrr!

Then we've got the bird. He bites HARD... I told the wife yesterday that I didn't like the bird, and she looked at me as if I had told her I wanted a "divorce." She loves that bird. I think he's no fun at all. I mean, he bites, and he doesn't really play with anything when he's out of his cage. I loved the birds I had in my past. They've been playful and sweet, and have done funny things. This one bites... and sits on the wife, and pecks at her clothes. She's been watching bird training videos, and today we tried one of the techniques. It didn't work. I'm bleeding, ouch! Okay, maybe there was no blood. Again, more cheese with that "whine?"

This chaos is our own doing... then the teens came home from school. Want, want, want... I stood in the kitchen this afternoon, after preparing my chili for the slow cooker, and stuffed my face with tortilla chips... did I care. NO... pfffffft.

Tomorrow will be calmer. Yep!

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