Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Movement - A picture

I never really participate in the activities or contests I see in the other blogs I follow, and I have no idea why. Maybe I feel like I'm intruding, even though that's silly. I mean people are public for a reason, right?

This time I'm participating! I follow a blog called Written, Inc. , and every week he posts a new photographic theme that anyone can participate in (just for fun). This week the theme is movement. When I saw this, I knew I had the absolute, most perfect picture e-VER! It's not perfect because of excellent photography skills, it's perfect because of the subject! Here, I present you with Tallulah--

Now THIS little girl can move!!! 


Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness this is movement...she is fast! Others, may give you some more choices, but for sharing your post with all of us, it's not like Jenny Matlocks, just copy your link for your TP post and leave it in Carmi's comment box on the TP of the week...so others, that don't follow you can get to it fast! Have a great day following your speedy sweet-pea!

Rob-bear said...

Awesome dog! Part of an awesome family.

Max Sartin said...

Adorable little puppy, terrific movement and a great first entry to Thematic Photographic!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Delightful first entry in thematic photography- nice capture of your little one

Just Two Chicks said...

Thank you!! I've wanted to post the past few times, but I knew I couldn't miss out on this one :)